HH 5271


Opener           (Circle Left)

All week long I’ve been looking forward to
A hard wood floor and a country band
Allemande Left, you Do Sa Do
Left Allemande and then you Weave the ring
And dance…and dance
Swing your girl around and Promenade
And dance…and dance
Get out on the floor and dance

Well the Heads Promenade go halfway round
Come down the middle and do the Right & Left Thru and turn the girl
You Square Thru go four hands you know
Relay the Deucey go walking around
Thank God, it’s finally Friday
Swing your girl around and all Promenade
I’m gonna find me a long, tall cowboy
I’m gonna dance till the sun goes down

Tag: (Circle Left) You dance, you dance, everybody dance with me

Listen to Lottie’s vocal for alternate figure and breaks